Jesuit Relations

Jesuit Relations
   The Relations were published in Paris, by the provincial of the order, in small annual volumes. The original narratives were written in Canada, or in one or other of the remote mission fields, by the devoted missionaries, and are invaluable as a record of the condition and character of the various Indian tribes in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
   Index: Ch Promoted immigration to Canada, 250; describe religious condition of the colony, 256-258; also last days of Champlain, 262, 263. F Parkman on, 30; Rochemonteix on, 30; Marie de l'Incarnation on, 30; their influence in securing support for the missions, 30-31.
   Bib.: Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, 1610-1791, ed. by Thwaites, Cleveland, 1896-1901, 73 vols.; Relations des Jesuites, Quebec, 1858, 3 vols.

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